Thursday, September 3, 2009

To the Edge of the Universe - Treasury

So, I've been on a bit of a treasury making kick lately. I made a few before and enjoyed finding items to feature and all that, but I never made this many in a row! Once you get the knack of getting a treasury spot (using Craftopolis's Treasury Clock) it's easy, unless they are at funny hours - staying up insanely late or setting an alarm. This new treasury is the "sister" treasury of the Earthbound treasury I made a few days ago. The Earthbound one was focused on what's here on our planet, this new treasury is focused on what's out THERE... Out in space, in other galaxies, at the edge of the known universe.

To the Edge of the Universe is filled with wonderful pieces, including photographs of actual astrological goodness! The fourth column is lighter than the others because it's the "alternates" column and is usually hidden.

Please go and check the treasury out before it's gone - they don't hang around forever (this one has till Sunday morning)! Leave comments and all that...

Here are the items featured in the screen shot of the treasury from left to right!

Great Orion Nebula - by celestialwonders
2. Double Constellation- Digital Collage Print - by JenMcCleary
3. orbit. fw pearls, hand forged rings and oxidized sterling silver pendant necklace - by organikx
4.1 inch Martingale dog collar--ORBITS-PURPLE - by TrendyHound
5.Reading the Stars - by MiniatureRhino
6.Celeste Earrings - by AntiGenre
7.Fire in the Sky - 8x10 Original Fine Art Photo - by bomobob
8.Orion Necklace - Handmade Lampwork Bead with Long Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain - by PoleStar
9. Andromeda Galaxy Necklace - by metalology
Dandelion Print- 8x10 - by JoannasPhotography
11. Satellite Drop Earring - by daniellejewelry
12. Galaxies- Carborundum Vessel Pendant - by thesocialcellar
13. Caught in Stardust and Wonderlust - by ImagineStudio
14. Aurora...AAA Moonstone and Blue fire labradorite necklace - by loriyab
15. Wedding Constellation Study I - by beckytomato
16. Perelandra - 8x12 Pearlescent Metallic Fine Art Photographic Print - by if1hadwords

I hope you enjoy the items as much as I do. I really love them and think they are great and inspiring!



  1. This is truly an amazing Treasury.
    Love the theme !!!

  2. You're so talented - and you *do* have a knack for bringing inspiring images together. Thanks for sharing your vision with the rest of us!

  3. Thanks guys. I like finding all the different items to fit together like a puzzel! :)