Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meal Planning - week two

So, I ended up planning meals again for the week and went to the grocery store last night and farmer's market today. I got all kinds of goodies - like a beautiful whole chicken and bosc pears and some HUGE sweet yellow onions. I also got some heirloom tomatoes and an avocado for sandwiches along with this oatmeal bread that I really love.

So... This week I've planned 4 meals again - mostly based around a roasted chicken. I'm thinking about maybe doing some homemade pizza on Saturday night if I'm around.

Tuesday (tonight) - Roasted salmon with a maple glaze served over garlicy grains and rice along with broccoli with olive oil and lemon zest.

Wednesday - Roasted chicken with fresh herbs (rosemary and thyme) and roasted bosc pears and shallots served with a spinach/arugula/radicchio, apple, and goat cheese salad and a honey balsamic vinaigrette.

Thursday - Open-faced roasted chicken, apple, and provolone sandwiches on oatmeal bread along with spinach, heirloom tomato, and cucumber salad with apricot/honey white wine vinaigrette.

Friday - Roasted chicken, fresh strawberry, goat cheese, and spinach salad with honey and shallot balsamic vinaigrette.

Yup, I really love making salad dressings from scratch. I mostly end up making a vinaigrette of some sort, but usually go with a balsamic vinaigrette that I love. When I was at the store I almost got a blackberry ginger balsamic vinegar for dressings and noticed an apple balsamic as well... Maybe next time. They both sounded really good.



  1. You're making me hungry! One thing I miss about living in the US is a big kitchen counter to spread out and cook on. Enjoy your meals!

  2. Hmmm, I don't have that much actual USABLE counter space - which come Thanksgiving dinner making time is annoying... But it's all good.

  3. Mmmmm, I'm ready for dinner and it's only 9:27am! Your meal descriptions sound divine :)

  4. According to a study on a Food Network show - the key is how you use descriptive words to describe food. It makes it sound more appealing... Even if it's just a grilled cheese sandwich like I made for the boyfriend today for lunch - Toasty grilled provolone and mozzarella sandwich with fresh cracked pepper and a sprinkle of sea salt with fresh heirloom tomato and sliced avocado!

  5. "Roasted chicken, fresh strawberry, goat cheese, and spinach salad" Wow, Strawberries, and goats cheese in a salad together. A combination which should repel me, but somehow I know I will simply have to try!

  6. It has to be a mild goat cheese - which also goes well with other fruits (had a great goat cheese and white peach salad a year or so ago during peach season)... It adds a bit of creaminess to the whole salad, plus tang which balances well with the sweetness of the fruit. I use a bunch of different companies and haven't found a favorite. There's a chevre with cranberries that would pair well with other fall flavors like apple, walnuts, beets, even maybe roasted butternut squash.