Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Double Feature!

This week has been pretty good so far. I've been featured in two different blogs and the week is only starting! I've been spending a decent amount of time in the Etsy Forums and trying to post items regularly (recently it's been renewing an already posted item - I need to get more photographs of a bunch of things) but it's great to feel like the hard work has been "paying off". It hasn't resulted in a bunch of sales, but it has resulted in blog features, being in two treasuries, and tons of item and shop hearts (which I hope will translate into sales closer to Christmas time).

Anyway, the two blogs that featured my jewelry are pretty cool - so go and check them out!

The first is "Good Times as a Young Adult". Two of my sterling silver rings are featured in the jewelry post.

The second feature is on "Fallen Peach". The feature has a bunch of the writer's favorite items and the colors in the chosen items happen to match the color scheme of the blog! Fun, right? Oh, and it's the first time that the "Etsy Tuesday" was done on the blog, so I feel extra honored. : )