Monday, September 14, 2009

Planning and Ideas

So, I was "good" this morning and decided to actually PLAN meals for the week. Sometimes my meals are planned, but it's usually a last minute - oh I need to run to the store to get _______ to make whatever it is for dinner. I guess I got a little inspired and decided to plan meals for most of the week. I only planned until Wednesday figuring there would be leftovers.


Sunday night - Shrimp and corn chowder served with corn bread along with a spinach/arugula/radicchio salad with apple, goat cheese, and a balsamic fig vinaigrette.

Monday night - Meatloaf served with baked macaroni and cheese and sauteed green beans.

Tuesday night - Pear, sharp cheddar, and ham panini on fresh baked country bread along with a baby romaine and roasted beet salad with a balsamic honey vinaigrette.

Wednesday night - Old school chicken cacciatore served over creamy polenta.

So far, there isn't anything left over - the shrimp and corn chowder went over super well and the pot was scraped clean!

On another note I've been toying with the idea of starting an Etsy Team. There isn't one for Bucks County - which includes a bunch of arty kinds of towns along with other surrounding counties that aren't far away. I don't want to have to go into the city to enjoy time with local Etsy goers. I read in the forums that a few people were also looking for a group in the area ... So I'm working on ideas for it - Like a group name and all of that. For right now I think the group would be blog and Flickr based - with blog voting for how often we should actually meet up. Once a month or every two months would be fun. We could get together to go to things like First Friday in New Hope or local galleries shows. Support group members in their gallery shows and maybe even sign up as a group for some local art/craft fairs.



  1. Your post remined me that I need to check the pantry for an ingredient!!!!

    I used to plan meals. Now I just paln to eat at some point during the day! LOL

    Have a good one!

  2. Hi Christie - See, I'm sick of doing that. It always would have me running around at the last minute buying _____ because I usually don't buy meat unless I know what I'm doing with it. I don't want to get it in hopes of doing something with it and then ending up throwing it out. :( Hope you didn't have to rush out to the store!

  3. Your opening paragraph sounds like me :) I like the menu items you decided on.

  4. So far it's gone really well and I only went to the store for milk (I only get a quart - not knowing how much I'll drink and drank it all really fast) and fresh baked country bread for meatloaf sandwiches (which the boyfriend loved). I don't even have to get a bottle of wine for tonight like I thought I would because I found a bottle in the pantry. : )