Saturday, August 22, 2009

Black Diamond

I love necklaces... My boyfriend bought a great sterling silver cast heart necklace by Thomas Mann for me around Christmas - which I used to wear all the time. Funny thing was that we seemed to get into little "bumps" in our relationship whenever I was wearing it. I'm not sure if he noticed how I haven't been wearing it lately, but I do keep it in a glass box that belonged to my grandmother before she passed away. It means the world to me and I really wish I could wear it all the time without feeling like an idiot.

I've been obsessed with rough cut diamonds since I learned who Todd Reed is and really wanting a piece of jewelry that had them in it. I've also been ogling some of the recent pieces that Christine Mighion (aka Bloom Studios) has created and listed in her Etsy shop when I came across this rough cut black diamond necklace. I knew it would end up on my "What I want for Christmas" wishlist.


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