Saturday, August 22, 2009

Etsy Front Page - Yours Sincerely

I was just looking at and when I saw the front page I was pretty sure one of my items would be in the treasury. I never saw a writing themed treasury list before, and I happen to have two pairs of etched pen nib earrings in my store right now. I was a tad disappointed that I wasn't picked because my earrings couldn't have been more perfect for that specific treasury. Sometimes I feel like I'm secretly "black listed" or something because I'll have an item 100% completely perfect for a treasury on Etsy and I'm never picked.

Have you made a treasury before?
How did you pick the items you picked?

I'm not busting on the person that made the treasury or anything like that... I'm just saying I would have loved to be included and wondering how people go about picking the items they pick.



  1. I have never had luck/timing...whatever it is you need to get a treasury, however I have selected items just in case and I did one on my blog. I chose the items based of the "thene" I was going for. One was shabby chic (my style) and one was by color as I am very visual, so I searched by color.

  2. I got one treasury by obsessively waiting and refreshing the page, I got another by chance, and I maybe got another (can't remember)... I know I spent awhile (at least an hour) making each one. I remember for the one treasury picking pieces based on a theme and only using items with low views. I wanted to be nice...

  3. I have grabbed many treasuries. Don't refresh your page. It will refresh on it's own and be ready at the bottom of the page with your title already copied and ready to paste.

    I generally choose those from my BnS. SOmetimes I will throw in a random shop. If you send me a convo, I will try to include you in my next one.

    BTW your earrings are beautiful!

  4. Thanks Christie - That's really nice of you.

  5. I have done a couple of treasuries in the past. After I pick my theme, I usually go into tag searching mode so I think one way you might increase your chances of treasury stardom is to have lots of tags.
    Also if you search the forums section of etsy, people post "Who would Like to Be Picked For My Treasury" type requests all the time. Check those folks out and help them as well.

  6. I try to use up all my tags. Sometimes I don't - but only because I don't want to go into mis-tagging territory. I've never seen requests for being in someone's treasury. I always post items in those promotions color searches and things like that though.

    Thanks for your comment. :)

  7. Nope I haven't been able to snag one but if I did I would like to focus on colour.Cool earrings !