Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Philosopher's View on the Keys to Happiness

Epicurus's ideas on the key to happiness are actually rather simple... His viewpoints weren't for the rich, but for anyone who wanted to live a happy life. The major point is that money is not the key to happiness. There's a major theme of needless shopping in the first video and how buying that new shiny watch might make you feel all warm and fuzzy now - but it's not a long term feeling... especially when the credit card bills come at the end of the month. Will owning 10 different watches really make you happy and feel fulfilled at the end of the day?

I agree with a lot of the ideas that are brought up, go figure.

I want to be my own boss, making a living off what I'm good at and what brings me joy.

I want to grow a large portion of my own food because it's fun and rewarding. When I had over 70 seedlings growing in my sun-room a few years back it was almost akin to raising children... Making sure they were all well fed and watered, putting them into bigger pots when they outgrew their seed trays, and then moving them into their final large pots so they could flourish. I won't lie - those cherry tomatoes were the best tomatoes I've ever had in my mouth... For all you parents out there - having your child GROW their own vegetables is a good way to inspire the actual EATING of healthy goodness. Plus, playing in dirt is fun.

I'd love to live in a small close-knit town where everyone knows everybody. That would be my take on living with friends. Friends are fun to talk to and do things with, but I think I'm a highly sensitive person (HSP) and living with a bunch of people would drive me insane. I am however a big fan of the not eating meals alone idea. It's somewhat depressing to roast a cornish game hen for one.

The program was broken up to three YouTube videos... Check them out if you're interested.


P.S. Check out the Homegrown website... It's a really beautiful, creative, and inspiring design.


  1. I'll be starting my indoor seedlings for this summer's vegetable garden soon. Actually, thanks for the reminder!

  2. Haha, you're welcome Alice. Hope you grow something yummy!