Monday, February 8, 2010

Foodie Goodness

I recently joined Foodbuzz.  I've checked out the website a few times before, but never actually signed up.  It's sort of like Facebook and Twitter in one food filled package.  You can add posts from your blog, add photographs, make status updates, review restaurants, make foodie friends, find food blogs to follow...  If you're all about good food too, you should defiantly check the website out. 

You can find my Foodbuzz profile HERE.

In other food news...  I made homemade barbecue chicken pizza on Saturday night.  It was simple to do because I used leftover roast chicken - but it wouldn't have been a big deal to cook some chicken tenders for the pizza (I prefer chicken tenders to a whole chicken breast).  It turned out pretty well, but next time I'll double bake the crust since I like it super crispy. 

Tonight I'm making pasta that is loosely based on a sausage sandwich.  It'll have Italian pork sausage, baby portobello mushrooms that I cook up special, caramelized onions, and baby spinach all wrapped up in a loving sauce based on a macaroni and cheese sauce, but with chunky tomato sauce added to it.  It should end up delicious.  I'm currently debating if I want to use long noodles or my favorite short cut pasta (cellentani).  I'll have to take some pictures.  (I haven't been super into food photography as of late since I'm reading how to do it properly.)


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