Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo Shoot in Philadelphia

My boyfriend surprised me right before Christmas asking if I'd like to go to a photo shoot in Philadelphia with him. There was a holiday shoot being held at a place called Fortress of the Arts with a bunch of holiday sets and models and he thought I'd enjoy going. Well, it snowed a great big snow and the shoot was moved to the Sunday after Christmas.

I'm finally getting around to loading the pictures onto an external hard drive (right this second) and it's taking forever because I shot in RAW and JPEG. I think I got some really nice shots of the models and can't wait to get at them in Photoshop. I know my boyfriend was tempted to pretend a few of them were his since he has them loaded on his computer... I'm going to make a profile on Model Mayhem after I pick some pictures I like best.

I'd really like to get some studio lights to play around with. I really enjoyed using a PocketWizard with the studio lights. Has anyone else played around with one of those? My boyfriend has been talking about me going into photography a lot lately. Not exactly about giving up jewelry but moving my artistic focus to something else I enjoy because he thinks it may be easier for me to "get into".

I do like photography, I'm just not sure if I'd enjoy the aspects of it that would be the "bread and butter" so to speak (standard portraits/family portraits, staged wedding photography). I did speak to a girl today about wedding photography and she was saying how it's moved from staged photographs to more candid shots that really capture the whole day. I wonder if I can turn food photography into my "bread and butter" and I wonder if that means I get to enjoy all the yummies... (Yes, I've thought about trying to become a restaurant reviewer/food photographer combo many times!)

Click goes the shutter...

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