Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Books That Have Their Own Feet

The past few days I've been searching high and low for my Dreamweaver CS4 book. I got it with the idea of teaching myself how to build websites and recently got inspired to actually sit down with the book and go over the lessons. Well, the thing has got itself some feet and ran off on me. I've looked everywhere I thought it could be and still haven't found it. I've been looking for at least an hour a day for the last few days. Crazy, right? I have a nasty feeling I'm going to take the house apart, clean it up, still have no idea where it is... and then find it in some really random place - like in the garage.

I went to the local library for the first time in a long long time tonight to try and pick up a copy of the Dreamweaver book and see if they had anything else that would be helpful. Well, they didn't have the book for CS4, the CS3 one was already out and I didn't really see anything else that would be as useful. I checked out their digital photography section and found a book on lighting that seemed to have a bit of everything in it. There's a section for food photography, one for fashion and jewelry, one for around the house, one for cars, etc. I ended up checking it out with my brand new library card (the card I had since I was super little - maybe 4 - wasn't in the system anymore so I got to get a new shiny one). I'll have to let you know how the book is...

I started talking to a semi-local photographer on Model Mayhem about what she'd recommend for starting out studio lighting and she was really helpful... When I asked her about food photography and if she knew much about it or knew someone who did she recommened a website that lists TONS of photographers by area... I found several different photographers that do food photography on the American Society of Media Photographers website, but none were very local. One of the photographers I looked into learned from a man named Lou Manna - a major food photographer in NYC who wrote a book about food photography. I'm now on a search for his book, which according to his website is available at Borders - but it was too late after the library trip to check out tonight.


P.S. There's a pink line down the left side of my laptop screen... My boyfriend has informed me that it probably means that my screen is dying. Oh, joy. Well - it could be if a MacBook Pro lands in my lap as a replacement. Although the MacBook Air is pretty cool since it's oh so light.


  1. My book is at Barnes and Noble or cheapest on with free shipping.

    I give group workshops and private lessons too!

    For more info:


  2. Hey Lou,

    My local stores didn't have it in stock... So I just got it online.