Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photoshop CS4

I've been meaning to make a header for this blog for awhile now... I just never got around to it, and with good reason! I just spent several hours - at least 4 - finding and editing photographs to use and then building a header that I actually liked. Now, my brain is tired. I decided that I really need to get a Wacom tablet for long sessions of photo editing and Photoshop work. I usually just use the touch pad on my laptop, but that's getting insanely ridiculous to do - especially when you have over 1,500 new photographs to go through!

Speaking of those 1,500 photographs - that's only a small collection of all the photographs I have in folders waiting to be looked at. I need to spend a few days checking them all out... Delete some that I don't like, edit some that I love, save some for later editing. The task of doing that seems so daunting that I keep putting it off. I have photographs from different places around Bucks County, Pennsylvania, food photographs, photographs of myself, and photographs of someone I happen to love.

I need to get to the photo editing pronto, because I have a billion more photographs to take! I really need to stop filling compact flash cards instead of actually working with the pictures. It just happens to be quicker to save the photograph loading till later. It would also be fun to find out how many photographs I've actually taken since getting my digital SLR - It's a Canon 40D and I love it.

Would someone please dig me out of this avalanche of digital photographs?

- Cait

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